Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Uli's training log

Uli Steidl publishes his training log online. It makes for interesting reading.

Includes details of his 2007 North Face Challenge victories


What I find remarkable is that his training runs are seldom longer than 24 miles and yet he can blitz a 50 miler with 13,000 feet of climbling as in Seattle. The one exception was the 30 miler with Greg Crowther run at 6:18 pace (not a typo!)

A few observations:
  1. He is remarkably consistent with his mileage averaging 90 miles a week for 2007.
  2. He incorportates a lot of quality in his running schedule - at least the pace of the workouts make it look that way.
  3. He races frequently and is as competitive at 5K - 10K as he is at the marathon up to the 50 mile distance.
  4. He trains with the SU team.
  5. Diagonals!

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