Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Run Like the Kenyans

Just read Scott Douglas' article (written around December 2004) on his trip to Iten, Kenya.

Salient points below:

Start Slow Finish Fast - like a pot heating to a boil, start at a crawl and finish fast
Vary Very Much - even fastest runners run easy runs very slowly so hard efforts produce great results
Tread Softly - stay off the pavement
Get with a Group - training with a group or partner is always easier
Hit the Hills - 30-60 sec hill repeat, jog the descent, repeat
Run Diagonally - 15-60 min of soccer field corner to corner fast and relaxed, jog straight
Do Drills - examples are high knees, quick feet, butt kicks and skipping. In just five minutes, you can do two sets of each, 30 to 50 meters at a time

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