Monday, February 4, 2008

Additional Comments on PCTR Woodside 50K Race Report

The previous post prompted the following comments (thankfully sent in email and not published on this site...until now) from (so called) friends:

"Who wants to read about you winning? I want pics of pole vaulters. Where are your priorities man?"

In reference to Scott's photo of me climbing out of Huddart park, "You look like a 70 year old man!"

In reference to the photo of me standing next to Scott, "You look like an *%$## midget!"

In reference to my finishing time, "Don't you wish you had pushed a bit harder to break 4 hrs?"

Serves me right for forwarding the link.

These were too funny not to post.


willgotthardt said...

Yeah well that explains the unusual headline in the local community paper Sunday morning...

Seventy-Year-Old Midget Wins Woodside 50K In Disappointing Effort

Will G.

Sarah said...

LOL - you guys!! After reading your update, Thomas, and then Will's post, I BURST out laughing at the coffee shop where Wendell and I are working this morning!!!

Sarah (PCTR)

Scott Dunlap said...

That is too funny! Welcome to the blogosphere, my friend. Nobody gets any slack out here. ;-)

You'll be at the Skyline 50k, yes? Let's make sure to get some good photos. I'll have my wife do post-op photo work and get you down to a 25 year old physique with chiseled abs that show through your shirt.

And I think you have the 70-year-old midget age group locked up. ;-)