Wednesday, April 18, 2007

11 Days left to Big Sur Marathon

Almost time to start the taper for Big Sur International Marathon. My training hasn't quite acheived the mileage I intended but the quality workouts seem to be paying off. Here are a few of the highlights:

- One 90 mile week (followed by a thirty mile recovery week)
- 2 long tempo runs of 24 miles; first at 7:12 pace, second at 7:06 pace
- 1 long fartlek run with 13x1 mile run w/ 1/2mile recovery, pace averaged about 6:40
- 2-3 hard workouts a week including tempo runs during the week including loops of 1/2 mile hill
- Getting very close to racing weight - been at ~142 for last few weeks (need to get to 139 for next Sunday)

Where does this leave me for the race 4/29? Itching to race and hopeful I can break 3 hrs! I've felt strong throughout the long tempo runs and was able to drop the pace down over the last six miles. I certainly am not underestimating the hills on the Big Sur course but I'm hopeful the hills on the Crystal Springs/Sawyer Camp trail where I did my tempo runs were a good approximation. I'm confident I can run at least 3:06 if conditions are favorable but I believe I can run a little faster with competition.

I'll publish my race plan next week.

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