Monday, June 4, 2007

What just happened?

May couldn't have been a better month for training. I ran 50, and then 60-65 miles per week for four weeks. Not only did I run very consistent mileage but I added a track workout Tuesday mornings to good effect. It just so happens that a group of West Valley Joggers and Striders workout at the same time and I've joined some of their track workouts. The added competion really boosted the pace. Even the never-ending story of my orthotics seemed to be winding up into a pleasant resolution. Sprinkle on that sucess 200 sit-ups and 100 pushups every other night (trying for every night) and a more confident, relaxed approach to my training and I'm headed in the right direction, right?

But now my legs are fatigued to the point that I cut my long run on Saturday in half and cut out my Sunday run completely. I'm spinning on the bike at lunch today in the hope of removing some of the soreness so I can get back on the track tomorrow. My knees and quads are aching and I'm just plain tired.

Am I already overtrained or is this just the exclamation mark that I need to follow three weeks on one week off? I'll know by the end of the week as I'm running the SF Marathon course Saturday morning.